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How To Make An Audio File 508 Compliant

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The 508 Compliance Resource Team Notes:

The easiest way to explain the concept of a 508 compliancy audio file is to imagine that you are completely deaf. If you can't hear, how can you understand the information in an audio file?

The easiest way to convey the information is to create a text transcript of the material in the audio file. A transcript of audio content is a word-for-word textual representation of the audio, including descriptions of non-text sounds like "laughter" or "thunder."

For the visually impaired, the audio of many videos, particularly interviews, is sufficient for such a user to understand the content. In other cases, supplemental descriptions of visual content within the video may be needed for the audience to understand the context of the audio. Examples include descriptions of charts, graphs, software screenshots, or an action-filled video.

508 Compliance Requirements For Audio Files

  • Provide a 508 compliant PDF of the text transcript of the material in the audio file
  • If you post podcasts or other audio-only files, such as .mp3's, on your website, you must provide 508 compliant PDF versions of the text transcripts of these files.
  • If you have a background audio track on a web page, it's only necessary to provide a transcript if the track provides content and context to the page.

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