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How To Make A Website 508 Compliant

508 Compliant Website Content Considerations

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Here are some specific instructions in regards to making content in a website 508 Compliant:
  • All images that convey content must have equivalent alternative text specified in the alt attribute of the img element.
  • Any images that are purely decorative, and not contextual, must have empty, or null, alternative text specified.
  • All alternate text must convey contextual relevance to the page it is on.
  • All images that convey complex content need to have longdesc attributes or equivalent text content available elsewhere on the page.
  • All form non-text controls, e.g. input type image need to provide a text alternative that identifies it's purpose.
  • All "noframes" elements must have appropriate alternative content for user agents that do not support frames.
  • Heading elements should be used to convey logical hierarchy and denote the beginning of each section of content.
  • If a page or application has a time limit, the user needs to be given options to turn off, adjust, or extend that time limit.
  • If the site uses an authentication session, and it expires, the user should be able to re-authenticate and continue the activity without losing any data from the current page.
  • Document should have a text-only version.
  • Text-only version should contain the same exact information as the original document.

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