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How To Make A Print Ad 508 Compliant

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The 508 Compliance Resource Team Notes:

In order to make a print ad 508 compliant, there are certain visual areas that must be addressed and an alternate 508 compliant version of the print ad should be available for download. The most popular format for an alternate version is Adobe Acrobat PDF. The best way of distributing this is to provide a QR Code on the advertisement. The visually impaired individual will more than liekly be able to use an app on their Smartphone to direct them to the location of the ad online. Most QR code scanners only require the user to point their camera at the ad, and not specifically at the QR code (as long as the QR code is predominantly displayed.)

This QR Code will direct the visually impaired individual to a 508 Compliant PDF of the Ad. This can be placed on the website of the client in an alternate directory. For example if the a government agency was advertising on a bus stall. The ad would have a QR code that would link to the ad in PDF format. The visually impaired person will be able to use a screen reader to listen to the 508 compliant PDF of the advertisement.

When posting the 508 compliant version of the print advertisement, directory structure should be thought about. Making the ads available for everyone to view may be counterproductive. Placing the ads in a non published directory is a better option in most cases. If the agency has a directory structure like then the ad could be placed in a non-published directory. For example The directory can be presented on a site map but as mentioned placing a new navigational item on your website called "ADS" or something similar would be detrimental to other users experience.

All information conveyed with color in the print advertisement should be available without color in an alternate 508 Compliant PDF version. As mentioned this PDF of the ad should be made available online so it could be downloaded and accessed by a blind person.

When dealing with the actual print ad you should be mindful of color contrast for those who are colorblind or have a hard time determining different colors. Viewing your ad in black and white only will give you a great idea of how it will look to individuals who are color blind or have other visual impairments.

Most 508 Compliant companies will run an advertisement through a battery of tests. These tests should include a Font test, a Color Contrast test, and thorough test of the alternate 508 compliant PDF. Any links that will be presented on the advertisement will be converted to an actual link in the PDF. All rules regarding making a PDF 508 Compliant should be followed when making an print ad 508 compliant.

Depending on your audience, and where the advertisement is being placed, you may even elect to include Braille at the bottom of the ad.

508 Compliance Requirements for A 508 Compliant Print Ad:

  • Compliance testing and 3rd party verification should be obtained for all print advertisements that are required to be considered 508 compliant.
  • All information conveyed with color should be available without color
  • A 508 Compliant PDF version of the ad should be made available online so it could be downloaded and accessed by a blind person

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