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How To Make A Power Point Presentation 508 Compliant

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Many things need to be taken into consideration when making a Power Point presentation 508 compliant. Things like making sure that all slides have unique titles, that all tables use a "simple table structures" (without using blank or merged cells) and ensuring a logical reading order for each slide are all things that need to be handled inside Power Point.

It is also better when converting Power Point presentations to PDFs that you use one slide per page and not attempt to overcrowd slides into a PDF. Some screen readers confuse having 2 slides on a page, and it certainly confuses a visually impaired person who is listening to the screen being read if there is more than one slide per page.

Here is some specific information in regards to making Power Point files 508 compliant:
  • Does the document file name not contain spaces and/or special characters?
  • Make document file name concise and does make the contents of the file clear
  • Ensure that all document properties (Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Language, and Copyright Status) are set
  • Ensure document utlizes recommended fonts
  • Make sure changes been accepted or rejected and turned off
  • Remove all comments and formatting marks
  • Document should not use flashing/flickering textand b free of background images or watermarks
  • All images must have meaningful alternative-text descriptions
  • Ensure that multiple associated images on the same page (e.g., boxes in an organizational chart) are grouped as one object
  • Ensure presentation is free of SmartArt
  • If converting presentation to PDF, use one slide per page
  • All URLs should be linked to correct Web destinations
  • All tables should use a simple table structure (no merged cells) and avoid using blank cells
  • Ensure all tables have a logical reading order from left to right, top to bottom
  • Ensure all data tables have the entire first row designated as a "Header Row"
  • All text should be easy to read in comparison to the background of the document
  • Ensure all slide text be viewed in the Outline View

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